Cosmic Encounters Nursery

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The Dolls:


The majority of my dolls are made with vinyl heads and limbs. Some OOAK babies have polymer clay heads or polymer clay adjusted features. Nearly all of them have a cloth stuffed body (except for full vinyl bodies). 

These are not silicone dolls.

These dolls are not factory made or mass produced. Each one is hand made in a process that takes several weeks to complete a single doll.

Paint: Mostly I use Genesis Heat Set Paints, which are good quality permanent paints. I will sometimes use air dry paints for special projects. I varnish all dolls for extra paint protection.

Weighting: I use glass beads and Poly-fil stuffing.

Sculpting: For one-of-a-kind dolls that have hand-sculpted heads or adjustments to existing vinyl kits, I mostly use Super Sculpey polymer clay. I sometimes will use other polymer clay or other doll-making clay such as "La Doll" or others depending on the particular creation.

The Doll Artist:

All dolls on this site are created/ reborned  by Azita Gonzalez.

I enjoy creating unique dolls. I put love and attention to detail into each of my creations. Many, many hours, days, and weeks are spent creating each unique doll. Many layers are hand-painted one at a time, baking for heat setting after each layer of heat set oil paints to create realistic details and multi-layered skin tones.

I started reborning dolls in 2011. At first I was taking pre-existing dolls and re-painting and costuming them. Then I was drawn to reborn baby dolls because I was amazed at how realistic the baby dolls can be and how comforting it can feel to hold one. 

I love creating alien & fantasy babies because I like playing with colors and imagining the many different beings. I also find that they are more fun as far as the creative process is concerned. For some of the babies I sculpt the heads or adjust pre-existing vinyl with sculptural changes with polymer clay or other doll-making clays. For some creations, I re-purpose the heads of vintage dolls. For some of the dolls I hand make the eyes. Each baby is unique!

Some of my creations are based on spiritual beings. I love creating crystal babies because it combines my love for energy healing and crystals with my love for doll making. I started making crystal babies in 2013. They were made with gemstone coloring, bright colors such as pink hair or purple skin and violet hair, etc. Because I am a Reiki Master and practice crystal healing, each crystal baby is charged with positive energy before being sent home. I send each baby doll, whether crystal or not, home with positive, healing intentions.

In addition to creating art dolls, I create metaphysical healing tools (which can be found in my etsy shop: CosmicEncounters ), practice energy healing, and do spiritual readings. I also have 3 beautiful and gifted children who inspire me and keep me young at heart!

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