Cosmic Encounters Nursery

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Alien Baby Dolls

"Why alien babies?" Alien babies are symbolic of the birth of the mysterious, the unknown, acknowledging the existence of that which is beyond what we can see here and now, and of the desire to embrace diversity, to love another sentient being regardless of differences. 

Cosmic Encounters Nursery has been making alien reborn baby dolls and alien art dolls since 2012. There is a wide range of cosmic creations from colorful micro-preemie "gray" style aliens to larger sculpted one-of-a-kinds. They have been made every color of the rainbow. They are so much fun!

When it comes to aliens, the sky is the limit! Here are just some examples of different types of Cosmic alien babies:


(newborn size, or other sizes desired)

Bald babies with grayish skin tones and full dark eyes


(mini, preemie, newborn sizes)

Film inspired blue aliens with pointed ears, stripes, tails, and glow-in-the-dark white spots


(mini, preemie, newborn)

Fantasy custom colored skin with stars, bald or with fantasy colored hair


(preemie size only)

Flashback to the style of my first aliens with oblong heads and large eyes, made in any and/or every color of the rainbow

Crystal Enhanced

(any size)

Any type of alien enhanced with crystals by request

**Please note: These dolls are NOT silicone. They are made from vinyl parts with cloth bodies (or full vinyl bodies depending on the kit used).**

If interested in a custom order, please visit the "Custom Orders" page.