Cosmic Encounters Nursery

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Future Cosmic Creations!

*** COMING SOON ! ***

Here are a few dolls that I have planned that will be available in the future:

Doll Planned:
 Expected Price Range:
 Expected Due Date:
 Mini Gem Octopus Baby
 Palm-sized oddity with tentacles
 Possibly Oct. 2017
"Greedy Halfling" Baby
 12" Micro baby inspired by "Gollum"
 $300-$350 CLAIMED
 Possibly Nov. 2017
 Plant Baby
 10" Mini OOAK with sculpted parts
  possibly Dec 2017
 Super Hero Baby
 Toddler Sized, Inspired by original Wonder Woman
  Possibly Jan. 2018
 Sasquatch "Big Foot" Baby
 Newborn Size
  Possibly Feb. 2018
  Blue Alien
  15" Preemie Size, Inspired by "Avatar"
  $400-$450 CLAIMED
  March 2018
 Archangel Baby
  26" small toddler size Cosmic Divine Being
Possibly April 2018
 26" small toddler size Cosmic Divine Being
  Possibly July 2018
 Beast Master
 21" bald baby boy
 Possibly August 2018

Other Dolls Planned:

  • Surprise Cosmic Series!

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