Cosmic Encounters Nursery

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Cosmic Crystal Babies

A "Cosmic Crystal Baby" reborn doll are dolls that I make which carry the energetic properties of a specific crystal, mineral, or gemstone that the doll symbolically represents and has included inside the doll or on the outside in a jewelry piece. These are dolls that I create often using the colors and tones of the specific crystal that the baby represents. They often have a subtle shimmer added to their painting (depending on the stone they represent and carry), and they will come with crystal on the outside for you to hold and experience. 

 I have been working with energy healing and crystals for several years now and enjoy working with crystals and sharing their wonderful healing energy with you. I cleanse and charge all crystals and babies with positive energy and intentions before sending them out.

The babies in the photos below are examples of past cosmic crystal baby creations. Some of them were custom ordered to be a specific way. No two crystal babies are alike.

Crystal Angels




Crystal Mermaids

Crystal Fairies