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Custom order dolls are dolls that are specifically requested with your choice of size, hair, eyes, skin color, markings, etc. 

I am no longer taking custom orders. The information on this page is for those still in the process from a past custom order waiting list.

To see completed babies that are available, please check the "Home" and "Shop" pages.

Current Custom Order Status: Closed

General Price Information:

When pricing, smaller dolls will typically be priced less than larger ones because generally, the larger the doll, the more time (and material cost) it takes to work on. Prices may also be more if a limited edition kit or sold out kit is used or if a head is exceptionally large (or firm) and requires full rooting of hair. Dolls requiring more details will take more time and will be priced higher accordingly.

**NOTE: These prices are for a general idea and do not reflect prices of final value on auctions. Auction dolls are one-of-a-kind and can range from less to much more than what is shown in the general price range listed here.**

Reborn Babies & Toddlers*:

Minis & Micros (6"-13"): $230 - $450+

Preemies (14" - 17"): $400 - $600+

Newborn (18"-23"): $480 - $800+

 Toddler (24" - 32"): $600 - $1,300+

*Prices are depending on the size or amount of work involved, if the baby is bald, wigged, or rooted, and the kit / material costs.

Character or "Friend" Dolls:

Character Dolls are in doll form, not reborn baby form, and are poseable with cloth bodies. They usually have sculpted facial details unless a doll is ordered specifically for play. They will have a wig or sculpted bald head depending on the doll desired; they will not be rooted. 

23" Character Doll: $380 - $450

Shipping U.S.A.: $25

International shipping: $75

How to order:

All photos of the dolls on this website are for examples of my past works. None of the dolls can be duplicated as each one is unique. I can make similar dolls to what I have made before, but they will not an any way be exact copies. If you are unsure about what to order or if it would be possible or not, please email me.

  • Reserve an available spot on the waiting list by filling out the Custom Order Request Form and making a payment.
  • Make a payment using any of the listing or payment buttons below (toward the bottom of this page). Your waiting list spot will not be reserved until a payment has been made.
  • Make payments toward the doll in regular increments or pay a half cost deposit using one of the deposit buttons.  Payments of your choosing can be made during the time it takes waiting for the scheduled start date.
  • Your doll will not be started until half of the total cost of the order (your deposit) has been received and the scheduled start date has arrived.  Deposits are non-refundable if at any time you change your mind or are unable to pay for the doll for any reason.
  • Any remaining balance will be due upon completion of the doll.
  • Dolls will not be shipped out until full payment plus shipping costs have been received.


A deposit will be half of the total order cost. Once your custom order start date and order price is confirmed, you can make payments or send a deposit so that materials can be purchased for the creation of your order. *A deposit must be paid before any materials can be purchased for the creation of your custom order; therefore, a custom order will not be started until at the very minimum half of the total cost order has been made.*

**Custom order reservation fees/ deposits are non-refundable.**

If you change your mind after supplies are ordered, you do not get your deposit back. Your deposit is a commitment.

Ways to Make Payments:

All payments are done through Paypal. (You can also make payments using a credit card through Paypal.) You can use the payment buttons below (on this page) for your convenience or you can paypal me directly.

Payment Buttons:

For your convenience, you may use the buttons below to make payments or a deposit toward your doll.