Cosmic Encounters Nursery

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Current Custom Order Status: CLOSED


I am not taking any new custom orders.

Custom order dolls are dolls that are specifically requested with your choice of size, hair, eyes, skin color, markings, etc. 

Custom orders are done on a limited availability basis because I like to spend quality time working on each one and will therefore only accept a couple at a time when I am accepting orders. Custom orders typically cost more than readily available babies. To see completed babies that are available, please check the "Home" and "Available" pages.


Reborn Babies & Toddlers:

6-7" Tiny mini: $230
8-10" mini: $270
11-12" mini: $300
13" mini-micro: $350
14-16" Preemie: $400-$450*
17-20" Newborn: $480 - $650*
21-23" Newborn: $600 - $725*
24"- 32" Toddler: $600 - $1,300* 
*Prices are depending on the size, if the baby is bald, wigged, or rooted, and the kit cost.

23" Poseable "Friend" doll (not baby): $380

Ways to Make Payments:

All payments are done through Paypal. You can also make payments using a credit card through Paypal.

**All email correspondence will come from "zitababies."


Once your custom order start date and price is confirmed, you can make payments or send a deposit so that materials can be purchased for the creation of your order. *A deposit must be paid before any materials can be purchased for the creation of your custom order; therefore, a custom order will not be started until at the very minimum half of the total cost of the custom order has been made.*

**Custom order reservation fees/ deposits are non-refundable.**

If you change your mind after supplies are ordered, you do not get your deposit back. Your deposit is a commitment.

Payment Buttons:

For your convenience, you may use the buttons below to make payments or a deposit toward your doll.