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Dragon Babies

Feared in some ancient cultures, and revered in others, Dragons are mysterious powerful beings. Metaphysically, Dragons are spiritually advanced beings with the power of transcendence (as symbolized by their ability to fly) and the ability to purify and renew (as symbolized by their element of fire).  They can guide you on a journey beyond the physical, beyond duality, and help you to burn away that which no longer serves you. These fantastical beings can be associated with each of the elements depending on the type/ species

Dragon babies are not always offered as custom orders, but when they are,  you will communicate the style of dragon you are looking for and what eye and skin colors you would like. I create a sculpted face for your approval before proceeding with the creation. 

Cosmic Encounters Nursery has been making one-of-a-kind dragon baby reborn art dolls since 2013! All dragon babies are one-of-a-kind baby dolls. They are sculpturally adjusted using polymer clay on vinyl. Many have wings of some sort and some have tails. The images below are examples of the variety of what can be a cosmic baby dragon. Each one is unique and will not be repeated.

Luck Dragon

18" Awake Dragon

16" Dragon

18" Sculpted Head Dragon

18" Sleeping Dragon

20" Open-Mouth Dragon