Cosmic Encounters Nursery

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I am often asked if I can re-create a baby from newborn photos. For reborn dolls, vinyl kits are used which are already pre-sculpted. What I can do, however, is look for a kit that has similar features to the baby photos and paint it with birthmarks and coloring like the baby in the photos. I can also make some small sculptural changes for unique features, but only when specifically asked to do so as this will make the doll more fragile.

Upon occasion, I have also been asked if I can make a doll that represents a special needs child or a child that has a genetic condition or distinct physical differences and the answer is yes. I would be honored to represent the diversity of humanity in whatever shape, form, or color that may be.

Here is an example of a reborn doll that was made to look like a real baby. The 3 photos on top are of the actual baby, and the three below are of the doll.