Cosmic Encounters Nursery

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General Price Range:
Current Custom Order Status:  CLOSED - No new orders

**NOTE: Cosmic Encounters only takes custom orders on a very limited basis.**

Custom order prices are subject to change. These general prices are based on the size of the baby doll desired. Generally, the larger the doll, the more time (and material cost) it takes to work on. These prices are for human and fantasy babies of all kinds. The prices listed may be more if a limited edition kit or sold out kit is desired or if a head is exceptionally large (or firm) and requires full rooting of hair. 

**NOTE: These prices are for a general idea and do not reflect prices of final value on auctions. Auction dolls are one-of-a-kind and can range from less to much more than what is shown in the general price range listed here.**

Reborn Babies & Toddlers:

6-7" Tiny mini: $230
8-10" mini: $270
11-12" mini: $300
13" mini-micro: $350
14-16" Preemie: $400-$450*
17-20" Newborn: $480 - $650*
21-23" Newborn: $600 - $725*
24"- 32" Toddler: $600 - $1,300* 

*Prices are depending on the size, if the baby is bald, wigged, or rooted, and the kit cost.

Budget/ Playdoll versions
For bald (or with only a mohawk or top knot) dolls without any sculptural changes, slightly less detailed, and slightly less weighting, including those intended for children, there will be a $50 to $80 discount available.

For example, a 15" preemie playdoll would be $320.

Character or "Friend" Dolls:

Character Dolls are in doll form, not reborn baby form, and are poseable with cloth bodies. They usually have sculpted facial details unless a doll is ordered specifically for play. They will have a wig or sculpted bald head depending on the doll desired; they will not be rooted. 

23" Character Doll: $380

Shipping U.S.A.: $20

International shipping: $70