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The Dolls:


The majority of my dolls are made with vinyl heads and limbs. Some OOAK babies have polymer clay heads or polymer clay adjusted features. Nearly all of them have a cloth stuffed body (except for full vinyl bodies). 

I am just now exploring casting original sculpts in silicone and will mark any future dolls as such.

These dolls are not factory painted or mass produced. Each one is hand painted in a process that takes several weeks to complete a single doll.

Paint: Mostly I use Genesis Heat Set Paints, which are good quality permanent paints. I will sometimes use air dry paints for special projects. I varnish all dolls for extra paint protection.

Weighting: I use glass beads and Poly-fil stuffing.

Sculpting: For one-of-a-kind dolls that have hand-sculpted heads or adjustments to existing vinyl kits, I mostly use Super Sculpey polymer clay. I sometimes will use other polymer clay or other doll-making clay such as "La Doll" or others depending on the particular creation.

For silicone dolls: I use Platinum Silicone.

Have questions? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Doll Artist:

All dolls on this site are created/ reborned  by Azita Gonzalez.

I enjoy creating unique dolls. I put love and attention to detail into each of my creations. Many, many hours, days, and weeks are spent creating each unique doll. Many layers are hand-painted one at a time, baking for heat setting after each layer of heat set oil paints to create realistic details and multi-layered skin tones.

I started reborning dolls in 2011. At first I was taking pre-existing dolls and re-painting and costuming them. Then I was drawn to reborn baby dolls because I was amazed at how realistic the baby dolls can be and how comforting it can feel to hold one. 

I love creating alien & fantasy babies because I like playing with colors and imagining the many different beings. I also find that they are more fun as far as the creative process is concerned. For some of the babies I sculpt the heads or adjust pre-existing vinyl with sculptural changes with polymer clay or other doll-making clays. For some creations, I re-purpose the heads of vintage dolls. For some of the dolls I hand make the eyes. Each baby is unique!

Some of my creations are based on spiritual beings. I love creating crystal babies because it combines my love for energy healing and crystals with my love for doll making. I started making crystal babies in 2013. They were made with gemstone coloring, bright colors such as pink hair or purple skin and violet hair, etc. Because I am a Reiki Master and practice crystal healing, each crystal baby is charged with positive energy before being sent home. I send each baby doll, whether crystal or not, home with positive, healing intentions.

In addition to creating art dolls, I also do other art and photography,  practice energy healing, and do spiritual readings. I also have 3 beautiful and gifted children who inspire me and keep me young at heart!

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I am located in the U.S.A.

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