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Feared in some ancient cultures, and revered in others, Dragons are mysterious powerful beings. Metaphysically, Dragons are spiritually advanced beings with the power of transcendence (as symbolized by their ability to fly) and the ability to purify and renew (as symbolized by their element of fire).  They can guide you on a journey beyond the physical, beyond duality, and help you to burn away that which no longer serves you. These fantastical beings can be associated with each of the elements depending on the type/ species.

Cosmic Divine

Cosmic Divine dolls are dolls that are made to represent a spiritual being or divine being from various cultures around the world. Many of them are crystal-energy enhanced and their hair, eyes, and skin colors are chosen to represent how the being is often pictured or symbolically tied in with crystals or gemstones that are associated with them or the energies they represent. They will often have a dramatic feature to set them apart from the mundane.