Cosmic Encounters Nursery

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Available Dolls:

Below are dolls that are currently available for purchase.  Additional photos can be provided upon request.

Ogre Baby!

Here is a cute little one-of-a-kind Ogre baby! She is 15 & 1/2 inches long and wears a size "Preemie" in baby clothes (clothes made for 16" size).

She is reborn from the "Cupcake" sculpt by Denise Pratt which has been adjusted with hand-sculpted ear horns making her fragile and therefore a collectible, not intended for play.

She has been painted in many many layers for an Ogre-ish green skin tone and adorable blushing and has many details including veining, head spots, and freckles. She has just a little rooting of multi-tonal ginger colored baby soft mohair on the top of her head (just so that she can wear her bow.)

She has full vinyl limbs on a cloth body and has a magnetized mouth to be able to take a magnetic pacifier.


This Cosmic Celestial being is inspired by the planet Venus. She is full of swirling vibrant energy, the brightest planet in our solar system. Her fiery spirit brings passion and love. Her golden light-filled eyes will magnetize your gaze as if staring at a star to wish upon. She is 26 inches long and wears a size 6 months. She has been painted in so very many layers to give her planetary skin depth and colors of a fiery bright planet- yellow, reds, orange, bronze, and golden hues. Her eyes are translucent red with light-reflecting gold irises and pupils. She has a magnetized mouth, full legs, and 3/4 vinyl arms. Kit:Head isGabriela by Regina Swialkowski with Inara limbs. She has been weighted with glass beads and poly-fil in a cloth body. She is looking for a home to shine in. Born: 7-28-18

Other Stuff:

Blank Doll Kits for Sale:

I have several doll kits available, Bountiful Baby kits as well as a few limited edition kits.

Please use the link below for the following Bountiful Baby kits I have listed on sale for only $20:

  • "Celeste" 21" kit by Cindy Musgrove
  • "Precious Gift" 20" kit by Cindy Musgrove
  • "Faith" 16-17" kit by Heather Boneham
  • "Cutie" 21" kit by Donna RuBert

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